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Do you desire to have a deeper relationship with the Lord, our Christ?  Do you sense a greater call on your life?  AAMI Bible Institute may be just what you're looking for. Courses are offered online and face-to-face.  They are designed to give the student a real working knowledge of the Word of God, thus to prepare him/her for competent work in his/her own church or wherever our Lord may lead.


We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit
and secondly to love every body as we love ourselves.


The goal of the AAMI Bible Institute is to encourage a deeper love for God in each person by
providing biblical instructions to increase the awareness of the need for spiritual growth, prayer, meditation, Bible study and worship, thereby developing a willingness to be mastered by the Word of God. It is also our goal to strengthen  churches by training and equipping ministers and laymen for effective service.


(AAMI Bible Institute Diploma) (36 credits). These course are designed to give the student a real working knowledge of the Word of God, thus to prepare him/her for competent work in his/her own church or wherever our Lord may lead. Upon completion with 36 credits of the required classes, the student is awarded the AAMI Bible Institute Diploma.

AAMI Bible Institute
is also a cer
tified member of the Evangelical Training Association


Adult Education Division.

Evangelical Training Association Certificate/s ETA

Graduates of the General Bible Course who earn 12 additional credits, by completing Elective Courses from ETA will receive a certificate.


  • FOUNDATIONAL CHURCH MINISTRIES CERTIFICATE (4 credits)                    
    • Upon completion of these courses, the student is awarded the Foundational Church Ministries Certificate of the Evangelical Training Association.                        

    • STANDARD CHURCH MINISTRIES CERTIFICATE                                                   The completion of Foundational Church Ministries courses are required.
    • ADVANCED CHURCH MINISTRIES CERTIFICATE                                      Completion of Foundational and Standard Church Ministries Courses are required.  Upon completion, the student is awarded the Advanced Church Ministries Certificate of the  Evangelical Training Association.
    • LEADERSHIP IN CHURCH MINISTRIES CERTIFICATE                                                      Upon completion, the student is awarded the Leadership in Church Ministry Certificate of the Evangelical Training Association.


            Please contact the institute for additional information


    AAMI Global Bible Institute

    1300 W. North Ave.
    Baltimore, Maryland  21217
    Phone:  443-413-9193
    Another Alternative Ministries Global
     Dr. Grace Roscoe, Executive Director
    Upon completion of biblical disciplines Bible Students receive the following certificates:

    AAMI Bible Institute Diploma & Evangelical Training Association Certificates

    AAMI Bible is non-denominational in its scope. Our students come to us from many denominations and independent groups                  

    There Must Be A Renewal of the Mind
    1300 W. North Ave., Baltimore,Maryland  21217....443-413-9193

    email:  aami.bible.institute@aamig.org or admin@aamig.org

    Check out our online High School Program and Classes at the link below:


    Former graduates from the AAMI Bible Institute High School have gone on to pursue college degrees from other institutions such as University of Maryland University College and Baltimore County Community College. Our staff takes pride in providing one of the finest educations offered by a private institution of this caliber.

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